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Bringing to Life What Is Born of God

Before we leave Christmas to begin the New Year, a parting gift waits to be opened . . . the most important gift we will ever receive. Like the star crowning a Christmas tree, my last message was carefully set … Continue reading

The Power to Make Us His Own

  When someone is offended at God, no matter how lovable that person may be, a leaden door seals them off from what God wants to do and be for them. . . is there any power that can get through … Continue reading

The Power to Make God’s Presence Real to Us

  In a dark hour, nothing is more precious than God making His presence real to us — verifying that He is with us. Psalm 91 describes the secret place of The Most High — where no plague, where no … Continue reading

The Power of Light in the Darkness

  I remember the telephone call like it was yesterday . . .  my Mom’s panic . . .  thinking  she was pregnant, having every symptom, terrified of having a baby at the age of 48. The risks and responsibility … Continue reading

Allowing Circumstances to Speak, Part 2

  Is it possible in our relationship with God to know — not just how He is leading us — but how He is warning us when we are at cross-purpose with Him? Last week, I shared how my husband … Continue reading