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Waiting Upon God

My soul waits in silence for God only; From Him is my salvation.  Forty years have passed since the insatiable hunger took hold, propelling me to become an avid student of The Word.  Early on, drenched with wonder at the imagery … Continue reading

Getting on the Train

  Sometimes a single moment imprints us so strongly, that it stays with us, challenging us to more deeply understand what God is saying through it. A moment like that unfolded for me in the cool quiet of predawn hours, … Continue reading

There is Something We Do

  Why do some of us clearly understand what God is saying to us, while others don’t?  Why is God so real to one, and yet not to another?  This is not a casual intellectual exercise for me; it is the anguish of my … Continue reading

Strength for the Battle

  My dad died in the strength of God, even though that strength eluded him most of his life.  He loved Jesus. But a thousand times my heart was broken, aching for my father to win his battles, watching as … Continue reading

Finding His Way in the Storm

  Our best practice for life’s big storms is to find God’s way in the little storms, which are constantly coming. I’ve just weathered one, and getting to the other side with as little collateral damage as possible, struggling to … Continue reading

Why I Believe a Storm is Coming

  My passionate desire–for myself, and for you–is an ever-deepening awareness of how God is speaking to us.  In small and large ways God orchestrates circumstances to bring about parallel events that will speak to us. When these take place–and … Continue reading

Practicing for the Storm

  Storms come. And no matter how little or how much warning we have, once they hit, we are stripped of control, finding ourselves at their mercy, holding on for dear life for as long as they last, having no … Continue reading

The Practice of Being His

  It was a moment of sunlight burning through, penetrating her heart.  She was a leftist lesbian professor, loathing Christianity and fiercely protective of her LGBT community. She was the most unlikely of converts. But when the question came, she … Continue reading

The Far Point

It stinks. All of us have been there, and all of us dread going there, because it is where we are going to struggle. It is where we are in danger of losing our way, losing our grip, coming closer … Continue reading

Out of Peril, Into His Keeping

  If we better understood the danger of the lies we believe, we would do everything in our power to be rid of them. Deception is like a high tide, whose water conceals the rocks that will destroy our ship … Continue reading