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Out of Peril, Into His Keeping

  If we better understood the danger of the lies we believe, we would do everything in our power to be rid of them. Deception is like a high tide, whose water conceals the rocks that will destroy our ship … Continue reading

Separated to God

  For all the good things the church is, to love her is to grieve and wonder over the lack of God’s power and presence in her midst. We say that we want the power of God in our life. … Continue reading

The Prelude

Over the past several months, I’ve paused from writing, taking time to reflect and reassess the purpose of this blog.  During this time of deep study, I’ve been gripped by what God has taught me . . . timely truth … Continue reading

Does What is Meant-to-be Always Come-to-be?

  God wants His presence, power and purpose to become real for you. But is it possible that we could come to the end of our life to find that what He meant-to-be did not come-to-be? Scripture burgeons with evidence that this … Continue reading

Will God’s Power Become Real in Us?

  We make a grave error, if we think that the new creation God has made possible will automatically become ours.  We gain our inheritance only as we engage in a battle of putting to death whatever is keeping the … Continue reading

Born of God

  There are places in every one of our lives, where we struggle, feeling frustrated and powerless, sometimes angry, ashamed, defeated and depressed . . .  and yet we are told that, “whatever is born of God overcomes the world; … Continue reading

The Principle Behind Becoming

  Have you ever cupped the wrinkled face of an elderly woman in your hands . . . someone who has forgotten her children’s names and the man who once shared her life, to summon forth the one who still … Continue reading

Finding the Place Where God’s Provision Flows

  You are being summoned to a journey that is unfolding in a divine dialogue, a dialogue that is meant to build your relationship with God, fulfilling the reason He brought you to life. Relationship with God is the most delicious, fundamental reality imaginable. … Continue reading

The Ultimate Provision

   God is summoning us to a journey we cannot fathom, because what we understand now is too small to encompass what we will know then.  We have to grow into the ability to apprehend what He has for us … Continue reading

Provision for the Journey

  Walking in the natural is feet on the ground with solid earth bearing our weight. We determine the direction of our journey by processing information. Is it time to move? Is this the right house to buy?  The information … Continue reading