The Person

. . . how aliveness to Who God Is opens the way for His power to flood our life. 


Our religious arguments about God are not with each other, but with God Himself.

1--The Word

We think we are searching for Him, when He is actually seeking us — sending us words, using the stuff of our life to draw us into dialogue with Himself . . . stirring us up to confirm, to negate, to teach, to correct . . . so that He can get us past our deficiency of knowing the truth into real contact with Himself.

Some say that God is “the one God”, and it doesn’t matter what name we give Him; yet nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing is more crucial to receiving God’s power into our life than understanding Him rightly, because

  • what we believe wrongly about Him creates a barrier between us, while
  • every point of truth we grasp rightly about Him opens the way between us.

Our wrong-thinking about God has the dynamic effect of separating us from Him. We see this dynamic in human relationships. . .  One person develops a skewed false judgment of another,  and it destroys their ability to rightly relate to each other from then on. Once that false paradigm is in place, it filters everything that takes place between them — taking in the “evidence” that supports it, rejecting the “evidence” that challenges it.

And so, God’s search for man becomes something of a wrestling match, in which His success in bringing us into the reality of Himself necessitates a divine dialogue, in which He breaks the hold of our wrong-thinking to give us a right-understanding of Who He Is. Each time He breaks through the stronghold of our wrong-thinking, His power floods in.

As believers, we can have a strong relationship with God, but there can be unconquered areas in our thinking where we still presume wrongly about Him.  Our false assumptions mark the territory in our life where His presence and power are not being made evident.

The divine dialogue taking place between us is how He grows our joy and confidence in Him, giving us breakthrough after breakthrough into the palpable reality of Who and What He Really Is.

6-- repentance

But each of these breakthroughs only comes after a struggle, precipitating our realization that our wrong thinking about God has been holding us back from Him.

This breakthrough plunges us into a fresh revelation of Him . . . changing us . . . our unconquered territory is now conquered . . . and His power to make Himself real to us in that area of our life is firmly established.


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