The Potential


. . . of Receiving God’s Power into Our Lives

Redemption is sweeping this world — mankind, earth and all creation — the visible as well as the invisible.

Henry Blackaby teaches that God is always at work around us, and that He invites us to become involved with Him in His work. Every single one of us will be quickened by His prompting to participate in redemption as He reaches deep into what is broken and lost to save it — transforming the infuriating heart-breaking bleakness of its present condition into the inexpressible beauty of an entirely new existence.

Redemption is God’s heart, power and might taking back what is terribly wrong to make it right — translating our broken lost pieces into the ineffable exquisite potential of who and what He means-us-to-be.


Sometimes we ache so hard for the outward effect of God’s power to make itself evident, that we confuse it with the inward phenomenon that makes it possible.

The wind comes with power and we see trees bend, sand blow and water rise in whitecaps . . . The invisible phenomenon of the wind is producing the outward effect made visible in trees, sand and water.

Redemption is the inward phenomenon producing the outward effect of God’s power made visible in us.

When Peter stepped out of the boat onto the sea, [1]

  • the outward effect was a man walking on water, but
  • the inward phenomenon was Peter’s will so fused with God’s that for one incandescent moment he walked unimpaired and rehabilitated, free of the forces that would drag him down otherwise — Redemption.

When Wesley left Aldersgate with his heart strangely warmed, [2]

  • the outward effect was a powerless ministry made suddenly powerful
  • the inward phenomenon was God’s presence flooding Wesley, giving him an inner witness He had never known before — as the new man was released in him with its unimpaired capacity for intimate union with God — Redemption.

When my husband and I delight in each other after all the wars we’ve fought, [3]

  • the outward effect is the fulfilled promise of a greater and more glorious marriage, but
  • the inward phenomenon has been the hammer and chisel of the Divine Sculptor bringing forth the woman capable of receiving that promise — Redemption.


The transfiguring power of redemption steals into the carnage of our broken lives to offer us a new life . . . a life that lies beyond the power of corruption, that cannot be ruined, that will become the demonstration of all God’s promises coming true for us.

That life


the potential of everything God wants to do and be for us.


it lies on the other side of our becoming the new man capable of receiving it.



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