The Premise

. . . of Receiving God’s Power into Our Lives

If you are struggling to stay afloat, desperate for God’s intervention, grab on to this:

. . . we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.      Rom 8:28

IF God’s power is going to turn the wave threatening to drown you into a breaker bearing you safely to shore, two conditions need to be met: you must love God and you must be called according to His purpose.

God making everything work together for good is not automatic!  There are conditions that have to be met. Why? Because God is working toward an end higher than our own.

  • We want Him to make everyone safe and happy and taken care of, right where they are, the way they are. But this cannot be.  There is no long-term security, safety, and well-being in this perfectly-ordered, moral universe as long as we are at odds with our creator’s intent and purpose.
  • He wants to bring forth a people who will be uniquely His . . . who will love Him and stir to His call.  His invitation comes to each of us: calling above the wind and waves, “Love Me, trust Me, believe that I am able to save you.” Our weakest affirmative response gives Him the vital point of access, where the power of Redemption can begin to move us into the real security He longs to give us, but which we must want.

God’s power only flows in support of His will and purpose.

God’s will and purpose are running like a river right now, even through the harshest of your present circumstances.  And His power is mightily at work, not to still the wind and waves (like you want), but to move you into the flow of His will and purpose (what He wants.)

The Premise of how we receive God’s power into our life is this . . . Everything that we are experiencing is working together toward one end — to make our heart completely His –– to make us uniquely His own, loving Him and called according to His purpose. Lay hold of this, wanting it more than anything else, and you will give Him access to work the heart change, through which all the rest of His power flows.



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