The Prelude

I am very certain that we are entering into a time when believers are being prepared for an epic breakthrough. In my own life and in those around me, who are serious about their walk with the Lord, I sense preparation. Like athletes preparing for an approaching tournament in which they will face their toughest competition for the highest prize, we find ourselves being coached strongly that this is the time when we need to be focused, disciplined and diligent in what makes us strong.

I call this time of preparation, THE PRELUDE.

Prior to every spiritual breakthrough, a time of intense pressure and adversity is designed to move us from where we have been to where we are meant-to-be.

Israel was reduced to making bricks without straw, Joseph was thrown into prison in Egypt, Herod descended on Bethlehem to destroy every male child under two years old, Jesus died on the cross, the apostles were martyred . . . THE PRELUDE is a time when it seems like God’s promises are failing . . . but adversity is bringing forth a people who know their God and have understanding, whose lives give glorious witness to the presence and power of God in their generation.

In the stresses and strains already upon us, be diligent, focus, be understanding. Deal with what is keeping you from assimilating His words and His grace, so that you can align with His purpose.  It has never been more crucial to do this.  If you do, you will leave a legacy — not of shame, despair and unbelieving faithlessness — but of faith having flown gloriously true.

6-- repentance

The prelude is the gulf of our transcendence.  It is the pressure that turns coal into diamonds. It is that final bit of darkness just before we burst through to the other side. It is the necessary rigor that precedes every breakthrough.


To better understand how God works within us to enable us to make these breakthroughs,  which have eluded us on our own, see the following:


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