Heading into A Day of The Lord

of Hearing and Understanding What God is Saying to Us.

I question whether any of us can find that safe place of intimate relationship with God if we are not hearing Him, understanding what He is saying to us. Prophecy is one of the ways God brings us information to help us navigate current events with the perspective only He can give us. Prophecy brings God’s word to us in a personal way, so that we hear what He is saying to us.

Isaiah was a prophet speaking into the tumbled chaos of his time, as political intrigue shadowed the growing military threat of surrounding kingdoms. But the thing about Isaiah is that one moment he is speaking of things taking place at that time, and the next moment his searing vision leaps centuries forward, as he describes things to come in the distant future with heart-stopping accuracy. God was telling me to read Isaiah so that He could bring me the information I need to navigate current events with the perspective only He can give me.

As I opened Chapter 2 the text took a sudden leap from the grim declaration of Judah’s then present-day judgment to a time in the future when the truth about God will be exalted on the earth, and our God will reign visibly. Through Isaiah’s prophecy God was showing me this promise that lies in the future… but then just as quickly Isaiah’s vision shifted to the long in-between, to a Day of The Lord when men are hiding from the terror of the LORD. There are two things God showed me here:

  • One of the hallmarks of prophecy is that God never gives us the bad news without also giving us the promise of where it is going. That promise strengthens us for the challenge of the in-between. In the video you will listen to today, the prospects of the near future are grim… but there is a promise that gives us strength and tells us where we’re going.
  • The second thing God showed me is the necessity of The Day of the Lord between here and there. In every single magnificent breakthrough God has ever given me, there was a day of the Lord when God brought me to my knees in repentance. And there is going to be a day of the Lord for America, when God brings us to our knees prior to whatever breakthrough He is after…. And there is going to be a day of the Lord for this world before He returns as King and Conqueror. Men hide from the terror of it, but it’s time for us to man up and get with the program.

If we are heading into a day of the Lord, it is going to challenge some  of the foolish doctrines telling us we are so loved and forgiven that we can’t get on the wrong side of God. Read what Jesus said to the seven churches in Revelation. We need to know if we’re in danger of being spat out, our lightstand being removed, and thinking we’re rich if we’re actually blind, poor and naked in His eyes.

No place is safer or more sound than understanding what God is saying to us. And that POTENTIAL develops as we love and trust God enough to head into a day of the Lord with one purpose in our heart… His purpose… being made right with Him even if it means a costly humbling to repentance.


The video message for today is going to challenge many of you to the hilt. Terry Bennett operates in a sphere few of us have ever been exposed to. But I can tell you that God has used this prophet mightily in my life. Again and again God has orchestrated circumstances where I have been plagued by a question, desperate for an answer, and God has led me to this man, through whose teaching God has answered me deeply and directly.





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  1. bugsy says:

    Thank you Valerie for this blog. Yes the Day of the Lord has great meaning for all of us. We need to check ourselves and see if our lives are fulfilling God’s purpose that he has for each of us. I am so sorry that in the 21 Century many of the churches are dumping down their teaching. Many churches are entertainment, filled with music and light messages from the pulpit. We need men to preach the truth that is in the Bible, asking some to “man up” is a term they really do not understand. Paul knew what it meant to “man up” he was not out in the villages and town to entertain and say things to make people like him. Much is required of each of us and having knowledge about what Gods purpose is from prayer and studying is key. I fear that we are so busy having fun that we are not listening to God and I see this practice in the churches. We need to be holy for He is holy. Keep up the writing God has a message that he wants you to tell.

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