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* Is there any “good” apart from what God works? If something is true, if something is to endure, if something has life in it, if something bears God’s purpose forward to fulfill the destiny He has intended …. it will have … Continue reading

Waiting Upon God

My soul waits in silence for God only; From Him is my salvation.  Forty years have passed since the insatiable hunger took hold, propelling me to become an avid student of The Word.  Early on, drenched with wonder at the imagery … Continue reading

What Do These Things Mean?

  When a dozen cars pull to the side of the road, it usually means something. Here in Montana, it almost always signals that someone has spotted a big bear. One after another, cars pull off for a glimpse worth stopping to see. I drive quickly past eclipses, … Continue reading

Then How Shall We Live?

THE POTENTIAL Of Redeeming the Time, in Evil Days If all of them are correct, we are going to suffer devastating earthquakes, a pole shift, economic collapse, internal division bringing down our government, defeat in war, enemy occupation on our … Continue reading

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

  THE POTENTIAL of God’s speaking through the sun, moon and stars God spoke to them in the language they knew best… Avid students of ancient astronomy,  God spoke a message deep into their hearts through what they saw in the stars. The celestial progression of stars and planets … Continue reading

Tough Love

  THE POTENTIAL Of Protecting Us From a Danger We Do Not Understand My big white friendly dogs are mountain dogs, with strong bodies and a love of adventure. They want to run for miles every day, through other people’s … Continue reading

Heading into A Day of The Lord

THE POTENTIAL of Hearing and Understanding What God is Saying to Us. I question whether any of us can find that safe place of intimate relationship with God if we are not hearing Him, understanding what He is saying to … Continue reading

Our Time Has Come

  We work out the salvation that God works into us.  But that salvation only works itself out as we overcome.  In the forge of adversity, plunging us into the fire of calamity and hardship, sorrow and loss, The Black Smith purifies and … Continue reading

The Message Written Upon Our Soul

  The strongest believers I know have a glowing message written upon their souls… inscribed into them by the story of their lives. They’ve become the embodiment of a profound truth gently impacting everyone around them. I’m made richer, stronger, truer … Continue reading

Learning to Overcome

  The clang of metal fills the air, as they practice their cuts–up, down and across–wielding swords until they can no longer lift their arms. They train every day: gaining strength, learning the strategies that will defeat their opponent, practicing … Continue reading