The Phenomenon

No matter where we are, the word of God will come to find us, to bring us from where we are to where we are meant-to-be.

Subtly, universally, in every time and culture God thinks His thoughts through our own — and no potential has the power to guide, guard and change our life more than this — that we understand what He is saying to us.


Like many men I have met from The Middle East, Abdul is well versed in political affairs, strongly opinionated but willing to learn, charming and disarmingly direct. With a sweep of his hand acknowledging my privileged life, he challenged me in impeccable English, “Tell me, Valerie, this is all fine, but do you have a dream bigger than this?” He spars with me.

“Abdul,” I respond measuredly, “my dreams do not end with what I have—but what I burn to do. My purpose is to write and teach, helping others recognize what God is speaking into their own life.”

“You are writing as a Christian?” he guessed.

“Yes, I write as a Christian. But long before I became a believer or ever picked up a Bible, I often sensed how God was leading me.”

Listening respectfully, he nodded, but proceeded to disagree. “I must tell you, Valerie, I do not believe in religion. I’ve seen too much. Muslims, Christians, Jews . . . they have been tearing my country apart and doing terrible things in the name of God. “ I stood very still, recognizing the honest expression of a deep wound.  “Understand this,” my friend continued softly but firmly, “I say my prayers at night like any other man.  But I have no place for religion in my life.”

Fighting to find the right words, I try to clarify the vital distinction. “Abdul, I do not pretend to understand what your country has suffered. But this is not about religion. You believe that God hears your prayers. But do you believe in a God who walks with you? Don’t you ever suspect that He is sometimes present in ways you do not recognize?  Have you never sensed a door opening, and known that you were meant to walk through it?  Are you telling me that you have never felt an invisible hand upon your shoulder?”

Something like horizontal lightning shot through his eyes. Abdul knew what I was speaking of.  Asking for a piece of paper, the General jotted down his personal information, telling me to send him my book when it was done.

Abdul was resonating to the truth permeating the air between us.


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