The Power


The power of the divine dialogue springs from its function as a life-line to God, through which everything He wants to do and be for us flows.

His dialogue with us enables Him —

  • to bring light into our darkness,
  • to make Himself real to us,
  • to transform our hearts so that He can make us His own,
  • to guard and keep us,
  • to bring us from where we are to where we are meant-to-be.

This is reality! But religion can be a terrible thing if we think we have laid hold of God and we’re counting on His having laid hold of us — but we remain unable to experience His presence in our life.

I fear that the church has tended the wound of our separation from God superficially — telling untold thousands that if they just say the “sinner’s prayer” asking Jesus into their hearts . . .  if they will just read their Bibles and “believe”, everything will be okay.

It breaks my heart that so many of my brothers and sisters do not know how to find their life-line with God.  But God has a way of making our broken heart the place where He calls us to His side to join Him in what He is doing. And so, I pour myself into our work, to make the divine dialogue so real that it creates by its own power a people who understand what God is saying to them.

Hearing God singing their life in His song — they will know Him.  They will cleave to Him, because no one else but God could whisper so knowingly into their hearts what He does.

May you be one of them — inbreathed by the Spirit, suffused with His life — alive with the power of the words He speaks in you.


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