The Prelude

God will not suspend the laws that keep us in unbelief, but He will war against the disposition that keeps us unreceptive to the truth.

Prior to every spiritual breakthrough, there will be a prelude — a time of intense pressure designed to increase our receptivity to the truth. It feels like God is against us, but He is fighting for us.

It is the prelude that destroys — in us — what is keeping us from breaking through.

If we will turn to God for help, in the stresses and strains that meet us there,  we will leave a legacy — not of crashing and burning — but of having flown gloriously true.

The prelude is the gulf of our transcendence.  It is the pressure that turns coal into diamonds. It is that final bit of darkness just before we burst through to the other side. It is the necessary rigor that precedes every breatkthrough.


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