The Premise

There are laws—spiritual laws—as inexorable as their counterparts in the physical realm. We can only receive what God wants to do or be for us by grace, believing, through faith.

But if there is an impediment to faith in us, keeping us from believing — no matter how much He wants, or we want a desired outcome — it is not going to happen. God obeys His own rules.

There are Laws at Work, Determining if We Will Recognize God

We do not recognize the extent to which laws at work in us and around us are determining whether we will recognize God’s activity in our life. Very often we fail to experience Him, even though we want to, because our flawed preconceptions have shut the doors and windows of our soul, locking Him out.

Our premise for understanding why some people hear God, and others do not is that there are laws at work determining outcomes. God is not arbitrary,  offering grace to some but not to others.


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