The Purpose


The divine dialogue enables us to lay hold of God, so that He can lay hold of us.

Everything He does in our life is to help us believe, understand and know that He (Yahweh) is God.

The only part of me that is actually capable of knowing God, of understanding what He is saying to me, 
is “the me” God Himself is coming to lay hold of.


Wanting to check on her without disturbing her, I softly knocked and opened her door.  She was still in her pajamas, propped up with pillows, twenty pounds thinner than a scant month before. Her open Bible and several books were strewn across the mounded pile of her bedding. She neither heard nor saw me, so rapt was her attention on what she was doing. Writing in her journal, pausing to listen, writing again—she wept the cleansing tears that mark a heart being set free. In her face I saw the transformation that only comes where life-giving thoughts flow.  My daughter was hearing God. He was laying hold of her as she was laying hold of Him.

Slipping away to my bedroom, I broke down in gratitude.  In the very next room God was drawing along side my wounded child. He wasn’t speaking to her through audible words, but in a stream of illumination.  She heard Him in the supernatural match between the cries of her heart and the exact words that came back to her from what she read. She was not so much reading The Word, as The Word was reading her.  As she began to process what God was saying, her relationship to her suffering changed. He did not take her pain away, but He honored it with a sacred purpose so that she could arise a conqueror with strength from beyond herself.

Connection with God. Protection. Deliverance. Knowing that you are not alone. Being taught. Being led. Being held up when you think you cannot stand. Being corrected when you think you are right, but you’re wrong. Being comforted by a perfectly worded message for your specific need in that given moment.

The exquisite awareness of something God has just said spreading like pale light from your horizon to fill the dome of your conscious mind. . . this is what The Divine Dialogue makes possible.


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